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A world leader in the development and implementation of effective mineral processing technologies and solutions

Specialists in commercial mineral processing and metallurgical testwork

Maelgwyn Mineral Services Africa is a provider of specialised mineral processing technologies in the form of proprietary equipment and processes.

To support the implementation of the Maelgwyn proprietary processing technologies and processes, a dedicated metallurgical laboratory was established in 2009 and has grown to support the industry as a commercial laboratory supplying from ad hoc testwork to detailed bankable feasibility level studies and consulting.

Technology & Processes

MMSA supplies the range of Aachen and Imhoflot Pneumatic Flotation technologies of the Maelgwyn group to the African continent. In addition, the company has developed several novel processes with niche application in the minerals processing industry.


The Aachen™ High Shear Reactor is designed to facilitate mass transfer by increasing the dispersion of gas in a process fluid or slurry, resulting in improved gas utilisation and efficiencies. Typical applications are the leaching of gold ores with cyanide, as well as chemical and wastewater treatment processes where large amounts of gases are required to be dissolved in fluids.

Aachen Pre-Ox is used to reduce cyanide consumption through oxidation of cyanide consuming species combined with efficient oxygen utilisation. Simple pre-oxidation, designed to oxidise cyanide consumers to prevent excess reagent consumption, may be more efficiently achieved using Aachen reactors where the oxygen mass requirements have been identified as relatively high.

As a highly efficient mass transfer device and also a shear reactor Aachen reactors are finding increasing applications within gold and silver leach circuits to accelerate leach kinetics, reduce cyanide consumption and reduce surface passivation. AAL involves the concept of combining oxygen, shear and cyanide to boost the leaching kinetics (to increase throughput or reduce tank volume) as a function of reduced film boundary layers, thus enhancing diffusion-controlled reactions

Leachox™ involves the oxidative treatment of refractory, sulphide ores or concentrates with or without UFG (Ultrafine Grinding) to liberate locked up or at least leach hindered gold. This may involve only particle surface cleaning immediately before the leach or actual oxidation of sulphide minerals. At the most severe level, high percentage levels of sulphides will be converted to oxidation products and associated gold made leach amenable.

The same Aachen HSR technology forms the basis of MMSA’s CN-D™ cyanide destruction process. This process simply relies on correct combinations of SO2, oxygen and shear to effect catalytic oxidation of weak acid dissociable cyanide


Unlike conventional mechanical and column flotation cells, Imhoflot™ is a high-intensity flotation machine including a two-staged aerator/reactor and separator. The slurry is fed to the aerator and accelerated in the venturi nozzles at a given time. At this point, the air is self-aspirating and shears into fine air bubbles. The particle and bubble attachment mainly occurs efficiently within the high-shear aerator and in the high turbulent mixing zone in the downcomer.

Metallurgical Laboratory

Flowsheet partner from discovery to production “Where every test counts”.

Metallurgical Testwork

Specialists in commercial mineral processing and metallurgical testwork for flowsheet design and process circuit optimisation, including the application of Maelgwyn’s proprietary technologies and processes in gold, base metals, PGMs and other commodities.

Consulting and Audits

Optimise production and manage risk.

MMSA is fully licensed by the South African authorities to transport, store and conduct work on precious metals and uranium bearing ores.

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